Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Scrapbook Studio - What is in the cupboards?

Thank you so much to everyone who had such nice things to say about my room! I have to say, the space really did evolve over time. I am really blessed to have a wonderful husband who understands it is part of my personality to create. All the kids love to create things, so it is part of our family.

In case you are wondering, the maple cabinets were recycled from a business that disassembled some breakroom areas, and the countertops were from Lowes. The ceiling and lighting was added in the spring of this year.

This is the inside of one of the drawers that contain rubber stamps. I bought the silver containers a few years ago in the dollar section at Target.

This is the drawer that holds overflow of adhesive along with brads, eyelets and some chipboard letters. The containers in the front are from the jewelry section at Joanns. They are great since they fit double stacked into a drawer. On the other side of the room in the sewing area, I have my thread all divided by color in these containers.

I think I have literally gone through ten different ways to store stickers and a few years ago I worked out this system and it works the best for me! These containers are stored in the roll out shelves in a lower cupboard. The stickers are store alphabetically by category in a Creative Memories product - I think they were called File Mate? I pulled out the ones for Christmas, Halloween, Spring and Fall and store them in the white Walmart boxes on the shelf. Two reasons - it gave me more room in this area since I don't use those categories year round and because I can pull the white box out and have everything in front of me for those events.

This is one of the upper cupboards. I keep the cuttlebug and folders at eyesight. The folders are stored in a container I found at Walmart. I keep a tray of black and white paper nearby since I use it often. The glitter is another story! There is the Walmart container full and then the Ikea white box is filled to the brim. I told my best friend that when I die they could sprinkle glitter all over my coffin and grave and still have enough left! Seems Martha Stewart and I have another thing in common. She was on Jay Leno last night teaching Jay how to glitter things.

Many people commented on the Cricut message board that the room is so clean. This is a better view of the scrapbook counter where you can see the trimmer and mat. I also like to keep my jar out for what ribbon inspires me at a given time - right now it is Halloween. So does the room look like this all the time? Nope. I do minimize the clutter by having so many cupboards to store everything. I love all the racks to put ribbon and jars of buttons - I think they are so pretty! The bulletin board was cleaned off in the room this past weekend so the room does look bare to me. Although I do like to have empty counters!
Take a look at the pictures that I posted yesterday of the sewing area. The jars I have out in the sewing area are filled with antique buttons and there is a jar of old marbles. Another jar is filled with over 100 keys that I have accumulated. Not sure why, but it is really neat to say I have it! The old Squirt bottle I found when my husband and I were boating on Lake Huron and it was on an island. On top the basket are fossils. So if you look around the photos, you will see the clutter!!

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