Tuesday, October 20, 2009

Scrapbook Studio

Finally took the time today to take pictures of my room to post!

This is a view looking into the room. The desk area on the left is a laminate table that I painted from the ugliest yellow to my favorite green. The room is located in the basement. Directly to the right of the table is a doorwall. The actual room, from the end of the green table on is 20'x14'.

All my Cricut cartridge boxes are stored on the IKEA shelves above the computer. I keep the actual cartridges in a accessory organizer on the shelf. My Cricut Expression lives on the table and I hang the mats on the counter.

The room is divided up into zones - general crafts, sewing and scrapbooking.

This area is for general crafts. The cupboards are filled with clay, school supplies, paint, glue, containers, markers and crayons. The area is a favorite for my youngest! You can see my Cricut mats hanging on the hooks!

This area is located to the right walk into the room. It is the sewing area. (To the left of the sewing machine are two windows.) The lower cupboards contain fabric, the drawers contain thread and sewing notions and the upper cupboards contain patterns and books along with some tie dye supplies! My youngest uses the sewing machine a lot! You can see the cubes next to the counter hold surplus scrapbook albums.

This table in the middle of the room is 40"x8'. I usually stand when I do projects, so the chairs are usually moved out of the way. It is a very heavy table - I bought it years ago on-line and finished it. You can't see in this photo, but there are two windows to the right of the table that provide a lot of natural light. The three small lights above the table in the middle of the room are on a different light switch. Lighting was very important to me when we did the ceiling. The cupboards at the end of the room are dedicated to scrapbooking. I keep a Fiskars cutting mat with a Fiskars paper trimmer on the counter all the time. You can see a IKEA trash bin next to the cupboard on the right. This works out great since I can literally brush scraps right into the trash! I also keep a wood IKEA bin on the counter that contains pencils, ruler, scissors, and various tools. Underneath the open area is a cart holding surplus pages and page protectors, along with a wrapping paper container and bins with bows and curling ribbon.
I wanted to include this photo because I wanted to show everyone the electrical outlet I had put in when the ceiling was being done! It is right to the left of the speaker in the ceiling. I've only used it when my daughter and her friends were getting ready for homecoming to plug in a curling iron, but it was really useful! Of course, I have a cordless glue gun, but if I didn't it would be great for that!

This is how I store seasonal items. In the white boxes from Walmart, I have Christmas, Fall, Halloween, Spring and School. In the box, I put all the paper, punches, ribbon, stickers for that event. I just added the school album, only because that is a project I am working on right now - the label will change with the next project. I store some of the DCWV pads, albums I am currently working on and the plastic pouches contain chip board, transparencys, rub ons. Some stamps are kept in the bin on the left. The one on the right is empty! The pink and blue boxes are from K&Co and contain paper. The cubes were purchased at Costco in 2002.

My paper is stored in containers that fortunately fit in the Costco cubes, divided by color and theme. The binder to the right of the cube contains recent favorites that I am not ready to file. All the cupboards at this end of the room contain scrapbooking supplies. I have drawers for stamps, adhesives, cutting tools and punches - along with buttons mixed in! The lower cupboards contain stamping, embossing, letters, and stickers. The upper cupboards contain idea books and magazines, small scrapbooks and cards, cuttlebug, embossing and xyron.

This cupboard is one of my favorites! I love ribbon! The bin on the left contains adhesives and the pens, pencils and chalk are all included!

As I was writing this entry, I thought I should include a photo with the windows! This photo is taken from sitting at the green table.
I really hoped you liked catching a glimpse into my world!

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Kristina said...

I am envious! I just showed my husband and he said I could have one too (yeah right)