Thursday, January 21, 2010

Cricut Cartridges, Books and Overlays Organized!

As promised, here is my new organization for my cricut cartridges, boxes and overlays! They are divided into two IKEA boxes - A-L and M-Z. The boxes were too deep for the folders, so I bought 1" foam at Joann's, and cut a piece to fit the bottom of the box. It raised the bottom just enough so they files are not lost in the box. I like to keep my cartridges separate from the books and overlays, and I keep them in the plastic boxes I bought in the craft section at Walmart. Since I use Cricut Design Studio quite a bit, I usually don't need the book and over lay. The original Cricut boxes looked nice all lined up on my shelf, but for some reason they visually bothered me. Maybe it was because whenever anyone saw them lined up on the shelf, they usually commented on how many cartridges I own. Now that being said, I am grateful for all my cartridges, but it was usually just an awkward moment! I laugh because considering some of the people on the Cricut Message Board have WAY many more carts then I do, I find it funny!

I made a folder for each cartridge using a .cut file from Cindy McVey on her blog: I think this file was originally created to use in the Snapware method of storing carts. I'm not crazy about the clear boxes and couldn't stand the colors of the lids of the ones I did find in the store, so I didn't want to use Snapware. I will say, make sure if you are going to cut the files to use to store the books and overlays, you make SURE they fit in your box. This IKEA box is the only one that I could find that was wide enough, and since Cindy's file is so great, I didn't want to mess with it! Anyways, it took me quite awhile to cut and assemble files for all the books and overlays. I used double sided tape, white cardstock, and then being a little obsessive, I had to make labels for each. I decided to cut all the files, left and right only, and I figure when I add cartridges, I will make folders with the tab in the center. I cut all the files left and just flipped them over as I was assembling them to make them on the right. I am just so happy this project is done.

In case anyone is wondering, I am packing the original boxes away along with the original packing from the Cuttlebug folders. I know some people get rid of them, but since I have a box and the place in the closet, I may as well hang onto them!

Last but not least, I made a paperclip for my calendar today! Not a huge project, but it made me happy!

Monday, January 18, 2010

New Mailbox and Paper Clip

Made another mailbox and a cute paperclip to match! Used Martha Stewart heart punch, cuttlebug stamp folder and die, spellbinders small scalloped square, Martha Stewart heart lace border punch, sparkle heart brad from Target, pink mailbox from Target ribbon from Michaels and K and Co Lovely paper. The giant paperclip is from Staples, made with same paper and ribbons. Scallop circles are cut with spellbinders. This one is for my mom and dad!

Saturday, January 16, 2010

Cricut Cart Boxes are Done!

Okay, it took forever, but they are done! Will post photos in the next few days. I can't wait for this project to be over......

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Cuttlebug Folders are Organized!

I did it! I used a file created by Okie on the Cricut message board to organize all my Cuttlebug folders! Each folder has a file with the image embossed on the front of it - I also embossed another piece of paper to include in my binder. I did edit Okie's cut file to accomodate the smaller and border folders. It isn't the best cut file, but it worked for what I needed.
Tonight I am going to assemble all the folders for the Cricut overlays and books while I watch PROJECT RUNWAY!

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Organization, Purging and Removing Cricut Pages

As I continue on my quest to organize the studio, I am also purging! I decided to send some of my stuff over to Scrap Tales to include in their garage sale at the end of the month. For everything you sell, you get the profits put on a Scrap Tale gift card! So, of course, my intentions are to get rid of stuff that I don't use, more Copic markers!!

This afternoon was quite liberating! I actually REMOVED the foreign language pages from all my Cricut books. As silly as it is, I was worried about removing the pages, and altering the books from their original format. Wow! Was I wrong on this one. I can't believe how much smaller the books are and how much easier the pages turn in them. I plan on cutting out folders for each book and overlay and storing them all in one box. As cool as I think all the cartridge boxes look lined up on my IKEA Lack shelf, it is not the best system. I still plan on keeping all the cartridges in the small box I have them in separate from the overlays and books, but it will free up some visual space for me.

I have decided to keep all my Copics in one box and use a wood box that has been sitting on my kitchen counter to organize by color some markers and color pencils. I am also trying to come up with a better system for organizing my Cuttlebug folders.

I'll post some photos of all my progress later.

Sunday, January 10, 2010

Birthday Mailbox, Organizng Punches and New Copics!

The target mailboxes are so versatile! I made this one for my best friend's birthday gift! This one is made with the pink mailbox and the new K&Co valentine papers. The flower punch on the flag is the Martha Stewart pop-up water lily punch. I was a little hestitant about this punch since it is so big and bulky, and since I use the Cricut to cut most shapes, I didn't want to add more supplies that may not get used. However, I do like the detail the punches offer for smaller shapes. I think this flower is multipurpose. It is perfect to cut poinsettas, any spring flower shape, and since it has some depth - I like it! The border punch on the mailbox is the Martha Stewart valentine lace border and the shiny plastic flowers on the ends are Blossom & Leaves from Creative Impressions. I made a small card to include in the mailbox using the Martha Stewart scoring board.

Last week, I was inspired to clean out my punch drawer and see what I really have. I put some in my "get rid of pile" and decided to organize the remaining scissors and punches. For each punch I cut the shape, for the scissors I cut the design, and adhered them to white cardstock . I am hoping that I will use more of the items I have, if I know what I have! I really try and resist the EK Success and Martha Stewart punches, but they are so wonderful! One area that is lacking in my punch word, it large circles and scalloped circles. I think I would use them all the time, but I try and remind myself that I can easily cut them with the Cricut, but sometimes it would be so easy to open the drawer! I did go to IKEA last week, and bought a picture frame ledge that I want to install above the countder top. I like to pull seasonal items out and display them - I seem to use the items then! So this shelf will be perfect. I am trying to figure out a solution to move the paper off my counter because it bothers me visually where it is at!

One highlight of the week for me were some items that I bought off a member of the Cricut message board! She is moving to Amsterdam and listed some items for sale! I was so excited to purchase some Copic markers, and a few cartridges from her. She was really nice and included a bunch of freebies with my package! I was so excited this morning to add the markers to my collection. Over the next few weeks, the studio is going to revamped! It functions fairly well, but I have some areas to improve, and I need to add some life to it! Happy Sunday!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Decorated Metal Valentine Mailbox from Target

I was so excited the other day when I saw these metal mailboxes at Target! Many very talented papercrafters have been decorating them since last year, and I thought I would give it a try. Very easy project! The paper is last year's valentine paper by K&Company. The stamp cut is from cuttlebug along with the embossed love image. The heart is cut from the new Cricut Love Struck, and the small heart in the middle is a Martha Stewart sticker. The paper around the edges is the new Martha Stewart heart doily punch. Someone has created a cut file, but I just cut the paper 4x12 inches to cover the box. The ends are covered with paper cut by tracing the ends.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010


I love my cricut - eveyone knows that! One of the things I dislike about it is having to use cartridges for every design. It really limits creativity. I have know for awhile about SCAL (Sure Cuts A Lot) that you can use to cut virtually any file with your cricut. Now, someone has designed a new program - MTC (Make the Cut.) This morning, I uploaded the trial version and cut an All Time Low and Harry Potter logo. Since it is the trial version, a slash mark was cut through each logo, but WOW, am I impressed! I know Madeline and Andrew will be quite excited when they get home and see the potential! I know Madeline wants to make Mayday Parade t-shirts for a concert at the end of the month. I did the Whaler t-shirts in the fall using the freezer paper method, but for this project, I plan on ordering some iron on vinyl.