Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Reconsidering Medium

In one form or another, I have been scrapbooking since I was a teenager. Probably even before that if you count all the paper and crayons I consumed as a child. Without a doubt, the need for me to create has always been a piece of the puzzle that makes me who I am.

This year, I started a journey to I can never deny the creative part of me. To take it away would be taking away an integral part. The projects I have in my head will always be much more grandeur than anything I can create. But what I am learning, is I need to create for me in order to satisfy my creative spirit.

Throughout the years, I have expressed my creativity in many different forms. Scrapbooking. Sewing. Drawing. Writing. I think I have done it all. I have been successful enough with my scrapbooking endeavors to have been published in books and magazines. Creating objects and clothing out of a simple piece of fabric has brought me so much joy. Watching my children learn from my talents is the most satisfying feeling. Words have always brought me joy, either reading or writing. I tried my hand at writing a novel this year, but when my heart wasn't in it, I knew it was a creativity I wasn't ready to share, so it was best kept inside.

Since the kids are back in school, it is usually the time when I start scrapbooking again. Usually, September is the month where I walk in my studio, and the projects I have thought about over the summer months, get my attention again. This year is different. This is the year, I am realizing I need to create to satisfy my creative spirit, and I am finally confident enough to say I am reconsidering my medium.

I'll keep you posted.